About us

The Winning Combination Inc. is proud to bring to market the first ever heart health probiotic- Cardioviva™. The launch of Cardioviva™ is seen as a significant one in the North American market especially for the heart health concerned segment of consumers.

Founded in 1990, The Winning Combination Inc. is one of Canada’s leading Health and Wellness organizations with a focus on manufacturing and distributing natural health products and dietary supplements. The Winning Combination works closely with local governing regulatory bodies to ensure our products are of the highest quality and are in regulatory compliance in the markets in which we operate. Our facilities and manufacturing processes are fully compliant with GMP guidelines.

The Winning Combination operates in the food, drug, mass, specialty and convenience channels in the United States and Canada and is rapidly expanding its Global footprint through satellite organizations and strategic partnerships in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China with planned future expansion into the European Union and Brazil.

Our portfolio of brands span the Vitamin and Dietary Supplements category, with brands focused on General Health and Wellness, Sports Nutrition, Heart Health, Joint Care, Weight Management and others. Over the years, The Winning Combination has developed strong partnerships and working relationships with key retail channels and is active in virtually all health related business channels.

The Winning Combination prides itself on being innovative and cutting edge in all aspects of business including procurement, formulation, manufacturing, product development, packaging design and sustainability. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, The Winning Combination can ensure unsurpassed product quality and speed in responding to any market changes. Our innovations have recently been featured in leading publications like Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Globe & Mail and Men’s Health.

Cardioviva™ (Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242) is the world’s only probiotic that has been shown to naturally help maintain LDLcholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease. Cardioviva™ is a natural, over-the-counter probiotic supplement and ingredient for a wide range of foods and beverages that is safe to consume daily. Cardioviva™ helps maintain LDL- and total cholesterol levels, risk factors for heart disease, in two ways: by maintaining the amount of cholesterol your body produces and by maintaining the amount absorbed from food. It is the only probioticthat has been shown to help maintain total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels in hypercholesterolemic adults, through the microbiome in the gut.

For more information about The Winning Combination Inc. and its portfolio of brands and products, visit www.winning-combination.com.