Micropharma Limited Expedites Patent Portfolio to Protect Unique Probiotic Technology including Cardioviva™

Micropharma Limited, a pioneer in the development of innovative and effective probiotics, has filed a number of patents for its probiotic technologies. Probiotics - bacteria that confer a health benefit to the host - are being studied to determine if they may have a more significant role in helping to maintain and improve health and wellness through the gut. And emerging science is evaluating whether supplementing the microbiome (gut bacteria) with probiotics can play a role in health and certain chronic diseases such as heart disease.

"Micropharma has invested significantly over the past several years in research and development to ensure our probiotic products will deliver on their promises," said Ryan Jones, president and chief executive officer, Micropharma. "By patenting our products like Cardioviva™, it helps us guarantee to consumers that they will get a rigorously tested, proven probiotic product."

The probiotics market continues to grow at 15 percent, and Micropharma is a leader in the development of a new era of these products that require significantly more insight, research and investment.

"Micropharma's investments in innovation put us on the cutting edge of the probiotics market," said Dr. Chris Wahl, director of business development, Micropharma. "We have several new dietary products in development that will have a tremendous positive impact on health when used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle."

About Cardioviva™

Cardioviva™ is a probiotic bacteria of the genus and species Lactobacillus reuteri. It acts through its capacity to produce bile salt hydrolase (BSH) enzyme and helps support healthy cholesterol levels by decreasing absorption of dietary cholesterol and increasing metabolic elimination of cholesterol from the blood.* Cardioviva™ has been shown to support healthy total cholesterol (TC)*, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), apolipoprotien B 100 (ApoB-100), and non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-HDL-C) in human clinical trials. In addition to its cholesterol-lowering properties, Cardioviva™ provides traditional probiotic benefits such as improved digestive health and immune function.

*For the maintenance of cholesterol levels that are within the normal range.

Micropharma and its partners hold exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize Cardioviva™ for all indications.

About Micropharma

Micropharma Limited, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, is bringing a new approach to the development of OTC healthcare products, medical foods, and biotherapeutics. Through innovative research and development, Micropharma is creating scientifically powerful products. Micropharma applies a pathophysiological driven method to developing probiotic and enzyme therapies by focusing first on the heath concern and then developing the effective products to support heath in that condition. This method is supported by extensive research and development to ensure that we are providing the most effective product to consumers. Micropharma is currently addressing probiotic support for some of the World’s most difficult and costly diseases including heart disease, diabetes, chronic liver disease, and hypertension. Our experience research team is supported by a growing business development and marketing group. By fostering strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, Micropharma is building a global network to deliver innovative and effective health-care solutions.


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